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360 Marketing Strategy

CovMedia Specializes in HVAC Marketing

CovMedia specializes in HVAC Advertising. We can help your business be seen. We know exactly what it takes for your company to show up at the top of a search and can help you develop an effective strategy. If you are not familliar with what it takes to successfully navigate a PPC campaign, we can help you maximize your impact.
Case Study #1: Residential HVAC Company in a Metropolitan Area

In our initial audit, we discovered that this company was spending a shockingly large amount on poor quality clicks. This organization was consistently spending $16,000 – $18,000 a month on PPC, with minimal results.

When we took over this account we reworked EVERYTHING from the ground up. This company saw a dramatic improvement on the quality of clickthroughs. We provided insight into what their competitors were bidding on and were able to provide strategy for their exact match and modified broad match campaigns. 

Within 45 days, we were producing twice the results with half of the budget. As the business has grown, so has their advertising efforts. They have hired more techs to accommodate  the growth.

This organization reported that they immediately had their best week ever, the board was FULL of new installs.

Case Study #2: The Case of the Google Bandits:

One of the companies that we audited was spending about $15,000 a month on Google PPC. A Google representative contacted them regularly with suggestions for their account. One Friday at 2:00 PM, their representative convinced theme to make some changes to their campaigns. They made the changes and left the office.

They contacted the CovMedia representative that was doing the audit on Saturday, panicking. Their Google Ad account had spent more than $10,000!

We were able to analyze the situation and step in on their behalf. We requested a refund and were able to get half of the runaway adspend back for them.

It is good to have someone in your corner who knows what they are doing.
Case Study #3:  The Case of the Crooked Competitors

We noticed unusual activity on their account and immediately started monitoring the IP addresses that the clicks were originating from. We discovered that a competitor was emplying a #ClickFarm to waste their competitors adspend.

We developed an aggressive strategy to block IP addresses. If someone did not spend an appropriate amount of time on the website, we temporarily blocked their IP address. If someone clicked on their ads more than once in a set amount of time, we temporarily blocked their IP address.

Every 60 days we submit an IP log to Google on your behalf, requesting a refund for fraudulent clicks.

This service is included in all plans.

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